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Teacher Education Flow

Indonesia undeniably has one of the largest and most diverse teachers’ workforces in the world, with its own background and skills. Though these diversity bring different atmosphere in Indonesia’s education setting, it offers the challenge to elevate Indonesian education. With an average result of teachers’ competency test only 47 of 100, it concludes that Indonesian teachers still need professional development session in class management and content delivery.

Teachers and Educational Institutions

Based on the stages of teachers’ education in Indonesia, there are pre-service training and in-service training. With the rapid changes happens these days, teachers are required to keep on learning and absorb the knowledge, skills, value, and attitude which eventually will be taught to the students. Through an in-service training, the latest update of recent issues on education should be comprehended well to support students’ competence later in their work life.
Considering the limited access to teachers’ professional development in Indonesia compare to the total number of teachers hinder the overall improvement of education. The opportunity for teachers to attend in-service training in university, PPPPTK, LPMP, SEAMEO Centers or others, is not easy to attain. Moreover, the limited themes offered for the professional development unable to solve the complexity of education problem in Indonesia. Thus, eventually there will be a gap between students skill acquired from school with what’s needed from today’s world.

Program Objectives

School Development Outreach-Putera Sampoerna Foundation develops a Teacher Learning Center Program (TLC) to answer the challenges and as an effort to improve education in Indonesia. With the philosophy ‘from teacher, by teacher and for teacher’, TLC comes with a solution for the limited access to high-quality professional development. TLC is a systematic independent learning organization which operates by chosen teachers under the supervision of local government. As a learning center for teachers of each level in certain area, TLC’s role is to strengthen and accelerate teachers’ competence in that area. The purpose of TLC is to create a sustainable learning community by having online and face-to-face professional development session.

Benefits of TLC Program

  • Teachers have a bigger opportunity to elevate their skill by having various professional development session close to their home

  • Teachers will get self-development services as well as develop social networks in accordance with their professions and needs

  • TLC provides more opportunities for teachers to improve their capabilities in teaching

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