I want to be a capable and focused leader that can be beneficial for our school through this training. I believe it will help me to develop our learners at school.

Thanks to Usaha Tegas and PSF-SDO who has given the opportunity to SMAN 1 Kintamani, so we can advance our school.

The training is so interesting and fun, only few theories and more practice. Many of the things we get from this training, especially the one for management team.

I am very happy with the training and mentoring provided by the PSF-SDO, because the knowledge is practical and the delivery of innovative materials was something new for me. I learned how to make learning models interesting and present them to students

I am happy to get a theory that can be immediately put into practice. This activity turned me into a more independent, responsible, courageous, self-confident, creative, and able to work with various circles.

Our various educational programs in Musi Banyuasin together with Sampoerna University aims to make our society ready to face the global competition as well as to provide sustainable economic and social progress for the region

I deeply appreciate Sampoerna's efforts in supporting the improvement of education quality in West Kalimantan, especially in Landak district. I invite parents through the school committee to take an active role in developing the quality of the school

Through the Lighthouse School Program, Sampoerna Agro seeks to realize a quality school with accountable school management system and qualified teachers

The private sector and the government work together to overcome the challenges of education in Indonesia. Only then can we improve the quality of our education

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