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The Referral School Socialization Program initiated by Tangguh LNG facilitated by Putera Sampoerna Foundation was conducted on 16-17 November 2016 in Bintuni and on December 6, 2016 in Manokwari. The socialization in Bintuni is aimed at stakeholders who have authority over PAUD-SMP. While Socialization in Manokwari is intended for stakeholders who have authority over high school level. This program is based on the belief that the Referral School program for six schools in Tanah Merah Baru and Saengga, PAUD YPK TMB, PAUD YPPK Saengga, SD YPK TMB, SD YPPK Saengga, SMP YPK TMB, and SMAN Saengga will succeed if there is involvement from stakeholders in Bintuni Bay District and West Papua Province.
In general, this activity has resulted agreement from each stakeholder regarding the concept and division of roles presented by Tangguh LNG partners. However, for the financing of the four-year program which is a concrete referral school development master plan still requires further coordination from each stakeholder.

Partner Name/Donor

Tangguh LNG


Program Name

Referral School Stakeholder Socialization and Advocacy


Program Goals

  • Regional Government of Teluk Bintuni Regency represented by Expert Staff of Regent,
  • Head of Education Office of Youth and Sports of Bintuni Regency,
  • Chairman of Bintuni School Foundation of the Christian Education Foundation (YPK)
  • Chief of the Bintuni School of Education and Persekolah Foundation School (YPPK) Bintuni,
  • Representative of Muhammadiyah Regional School of Bintuni,
  • Head of SMK Bintuni,
  • Head of SMP Integrated Bintuni,
  • Head of SD Integrated Bintuni,
  • Head of Saengga State Senior High School,
  • Head of SMP YPK Tanah Merah Baru,
  • Head of SD YPK Tanah Merah Baru, Head of SD YPPK Saengga,
  • Representative of PAUD YPK Tanah Merah Baru,
  • Chairman of SMP Committee of YPK Tanah Merah Baru,
  • Chairman of the YPPK Saengga Elementary School Committee,
  • Saengga Village Management,
  • Chairman of Adat Saengga,
  • LNG Tangguh Partners (BSEP), and one Expert Staff of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Center for Regional Relations
  • Head of West Papua Province Education Office and several Heads of Divisions and staff.


Number of Teachers Beneficiaries

35 People


Number of Indirect Student Beneficiaries

578 People


Program Duration

Oktober – Desember 2016


Program Values

IDR 807,950,000.00

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