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LSP is an intensive school improvement program through a comprehensive and collaborative approach to create an accountable school management system, supported by qualified teachers, especially in STEM & English fields by applying international best practice. The Lighthouse School program is an intervention process to prepare schools for Lighthouse School (The content should be LSP in Kintamani with Usaha Tegas, it could be as follows)

SMAN 1 Kintamani is chosen as the beneficiaries of Lighthouse School Program sponsored by Usaha Tegas. The program is started on 2017 and will be a whole intensive school improvement program for the next 3 years. The schools will focus on the development of STEM fields and English, as well as schools’ management improvement and students’ and community development.

These 3 years program (2017-2019) has the following activities.

  •      Laying the foundation of a quality school through school spatial and school program design based on mapping results.
  •      Development of SMA Negeri 1 Kintamani Year I: Developing an effective learning process, especially about STEM lesson materials and creating a supportive learning environment
  •      Development of SMA Negeri 1 Kintamani Year II: Strengthening effective teaching and learning process, development of school management system and capacity building of students
  •      Development of SMA Negeri 1 Kintamani Year III: Empowering the entire school community to achieve an established and sustainable quality school


Partner Name/Donor

Usaha Tegas SDN BHD


Program Name

Lighthouse School Program With Usaha Tegas


Program Goals

  • SMAN 1 Kintamani


Number of Beneficiary Teachers

48 People


Number of Indirect Student Beneficiaries

760 People


Program Duration

October 2017- October 2020


Program Values



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