About Us

"To be at the forefront in raising the quality of education in Indonesia by
enhancing quality of educators in creating impactful changes to develop well rounded students
and providing comprehensive educational experience"

Greetings to all of us,

Educational innovation is indispensable in welcoming the current global era. As an effort to achieve educational goals, various innovations need to be developed from all aspects both from the education system, infrastructure to learning methods that provide space for creativity for students. Collaborative work in the form of various partnerships will encourage acceleration of innovation in realizing a sustainable change.

Responding to these needs, we are currently focusing our efforts through three flagship program initiatives, namely the Lighthouse School Program (LSP), which is a school quality improvement program that aims to improve the quality of schools holistically to produce graduates with character and literacy and numeracy skills through integrated approaches. STEM. Furthermore, the Teacher Learning Center (TLC) is an independent, systematic, structured and sustainable learning institution supervised by the local government which aims to build a professional development system and build a learning community organically. And third, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we launched Guru Binar, a platform for teacher career development through online training and various other professional development that is holistic, integrated and systematic.

As part of its commitment to enriching and strengthening our programs, PSF SDO actively engages leading education partners and academics in sharing good practices in education. Supported by Sampoerna University, we formulate a learning approach that combines theory and practice to equip teachers with quality learning experiences that will ultimately improve school performance and graduate quality.

The various innovations that have been realized to date have impacted 35,000 teachers and school principals as well as 420,000 students spread across Indonesia. This is a form of collaboration with various parties. On behalf of PSF-SDO, we would like to thank all partners and stakeholders for their continued support in efforts to improve the quality of Indonesian education. Together we are committed to always working hand in hand to realize adaptive and innovative education in an effort to improve the quality of schools and educators in Indonesia. We are happy to invite all Indonesian people to participate in supporting efforts to improve education through our initiatives.


Elan Merdy

Senior Director of Putera Sampoerna Foundation

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To be at the forefront in raising the quality of education in Indonesia by bringing in best practices and experiences to produce globally competitive human resources

Our Mission

  • Leveraging the quality of schools to be the frontliners of education and to develop well rounded students who are capable to compete globally by providing a comprehensive educational experience

  • Enhancing the quality of educators in teaching and student learning to create impactful changes to address diverse challenges in the field of education

Our History