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Dear Partners and Friends,

It is always a challenge to overcome the issues of education in Indonesia. We believe that the responsibility, ideally should not be shouldered to the government. Quality education can only be achieved through close collaboration between government, private sectors, parents and the local communities. It is with that reason, through Public Private Partnerships, we actively invite caring parties to be involved in this noble effort. Only by such collaboration we can solve the main problem and create a broader impact of education in Indonesia.

Most recently, we focus our effort through our flagship initiative entitled the Lighthouse School Program (LSP). Our school improvement aims at developing schools to meet or exceed the Indonesian Education National Standard and become role model schools, which we believe can bring impact towards the quality of the surrounding schools within their areas. In our effort to improve teachers professionalism and access to professional development, we initiate a program that can provide a sustainable learning community for teachers and school management. This is done through the establishment of Teacher Learning Centres (TLC). TLC aims at building the professional development system and building network of teachers, resulting in competent teachers that will affect students’ achievement and quality of the school graduates. TLC allows teachers to have quality professional development and accessible quality learning resources.

As part of our commitment to enrich and strengthen our programs, PSF SDO actively engages with reputable education partners and scholars, to help bring in hands-on education best practices from all over the world. Supported by the Sampoerna Schools System, we formulate learning approaches that allows a blend in of theory and practices to equip the teachers with engaging and lively learning experiences that will eventually uplift the school and teachers’ performance.

On behalf of PSF-SDO, we would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude and appreciation to our partners and networks for their continuous support in our effort to improve the betterment of Indonesian education. Together with our partners, we are committed to create sustainable value for all our stakeholders, continuously innovate to provide the best education solutions for our society, particularly in the effort to improve the quality of schools and educators in Indonesia.

We are very happy to know that there are many society members who care about issues and challenges of education in Indonesia. Bearing the same spirit, we actively invite potential partners to join our effort in developing quality education in Indonesia. Through this website, I am pleased to invite you to explore our stories, learn more about our strategies, and how you can actively support the education improvement endeavor through our sustainable initiatives.


Gusman Yahya

Head of PSF-SDO

Our Vision

This is Our Long Term Goal

To be at the forefront in raising the quality of education in Indonesia by bringing in best practices and experiences to produce globally competitive human resources

Our Mission

Step to Reach Our Vision

  • Leveraging the quality of schools to be the frontliners of education and to develop well rounded students who are capable to compete globally by providing a comprehensive educational experience

  • Enhancing the quality of educators in teaching and student learning to create impactful changes to address diverse challenges in the field of education

Our History


Education Recovery Program (ERP)

At the end of 2004, with the effect of the Aceh tsunami on the education system, PSF deploys humanitarian aid projects under Education Recovery Program (ERP), which aims to rebuild the lives of teachers and students, and to restore the education sector in disaster-afflicted areas.


School Quality Improvement Program (SQIP)

Through this program, Sampoerna Foundation works hand in hand with Indonesian Government municipalities to establish a model for quality senior schools. The program involves providing for the development of Principals, Teachers, Students and Parental competencies and combines these with the development of curriculum and school resources.


Sampoerna Foundation Teacher Institute (SFTI)

The Sampoerna Foundation Teacher Institute (SFTI) develops programs based on actual and relevant educational thinking which is contextualized to up-skill teachers to provide high quality learning opportunities for young Indonesians.

The Leadership Development Program, Adopt a Teacher for Professional Development, and Teacher Education Program have led to sustainable improvement of the teaching-learning processes in schools.


United Schools Program (USP)

USP is established to develop the quality of secondary state schools in Indonesia. This program entails assistance for school principal’s leadership and management skills development, teacher development, student development, curriculum enrichment, and school facility development.

USP flagship program, Principal Mentoring, creates a forum for principals to share ideas, set up support groups, and promote growth and healthy competition among USP schools. This will eventually promote sustainability of inter-school communication even after completion of the USP program in schools.


Putera Sampoerna School of Education Outreach

There are 2 programs:

  1. Professional Development Program
  2. School Development Program


Putera Sampoerna Foundation School Development Outreach

There are 3 programs:

  1. Professional Development Program
  2. School Development Program
  3. Education Recovery Program

Embodying the essence of Putera Sampoerna Foundation’s desire to ensure the sustainability of its educational endeavors, PSF School Development Outreach strives to enhance the performance of schools and educators thus enabling them to function more professionally and effectively toward producing graduates; with the skills, knowledge, and strong characters required for the development of the nation.


2017 - Now

There are 3 programs:
1. Lighthouse School Program
2. Teacher Learning Center
3. Cambridge International Professional Development


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