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Currently LSP at SMA Negeri 1 Menyuke is entering the second year of three years planned. The first year of LSP implementation provided a new paradigm shift to teachers and school management related to their competence as educators. The series of LSP activities has been conducted since February 2017, beginning with the agreement of stakeholders in choosing SMAN 1 Menyuke as the school has pontesial. Followed by two trainings and five coaching and mentoring to school and teacher management. SDO does not only carry out the activities contained in the program design. As a form of attention to the quality of teaching and learning activities at SMAN 1 Menyuke, SDO collaborated with the school also to improve the laboratory of science, library, guidance and counseling room, cleanliness of school environment, and greening school. Not only the physical environment of the school, SDO also highlights the importance of student activeness and involvement. This is demonstrated by the SDO initiative in helping schools to form solid student organizations. Currently SMAN 1 Menyuke has a Class Consultative Assembly (MPK), Intra School Student Organization (OSIS), and School Discipline Officer (PKS). These student organizations get leadership training with collaboration between schools, SDOs, and local Koramils.

Partner Name/Donor

PT. Sampoerna Agro, Tbk


Program Name

Lighthouse School Program SMAN 1 Menyuke


Program Goals

  • SMA Negeri 1 Menyuke, Landak District, West Kalimantan Province


Number of Beneficiary Teachers

38 People


Number of Indirect Student Beneficiaries

560 People


Program Duration



Program Values

USD 7,460,526,531.00

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