PSF SDO building six Teacher Learning Centres

Exxon Mobile Cepu Limited, in collaboration with Putera Sampoerna Foundation School Development Outreach (PSF SDP) are building and overseeing several TLCs. These institutions are under supervision of Provincial Education Office and of Ministry of Religious Affairs Office in Bojonegoro and Tuban regency. The goal of this learning center is to provide access for teachers who want to augment their competency, which is also part of development program for professionalism of teacher in Bojonegoro and Tuban regency.

PSF SDO is targeting at least four things in its effort to foster PBG. First, the strengthening of the institution so it can manage its operation independently. Second, good governance, especially related to legality and responsibility of the organization. Third, the increase of professionalism of human capital that involved in TLC. Lastly, the provision of learning facilities in every levels, from early childhood education to high school, that will disseminate information and benefit of the program to educators in the area it operates. Educators then can be expected to increase their competence and professionalism.

Through activities in TLC, participants can learn to share knowledge more effectively in writing, researching, teaching and reading. PSF SDO also provides participants with knowledge on laboratory and library standard. This applicable skills can be put in practice in the learning activity to get the best result from students.

Other activities held by PSF SDO, among others, are: scientific writing competition, teaching aids invention competition and scientific journal preparation. PSF SDO also organized various certified workshop, by inviting P4TKIPA Bandung, VEDC Malang, and representatives from District Office of Archive and Library.

Since its establishment in 2014, TLC Bojonegoro has grown in a very good pace, seen from the number of books, number of books and involvement of teachers. Year 2014 to 2016 has seen the number of TLC’s member reach 1036, number of book collection is 1753, and number of activities held is 223, and number of teachers involved is 2820. Meanwhile TLC Tuban now counts 1436 members, 1515 book collection, 200 activities and 2420 teachers involved.

Until now, PSF SDO has built and directed 6 Teacher Learning Centers throughout Indonesia.