Program for Effective School Leadership and Program for improving passion for reading among students

PT Sampoerna AGRO together with Putera Sampoerna Development Outreach (PSF SDO) launched another activity to improve education services in West Kalimantan. This program aims to increase the interest on reading among student and to foster leadership for school officials.

Before the program took place, PSF SDO had conducted evaluation and mapping of educational challenges in operational area of PT. Sampoerna Agro. The evaluation showed that reading isn’t popular among students. Some of the contributing factors are: the lack of interesting books for students and unfavorable condition of reading room.

PSF SDO addresses this challenge by setting up “Reading and Literature Review Program”. The aim of the program is for teachers and students are accustomed to read regularly. One way to do so is by establishing “reading corner” in library or school-room. This program is expected to instill the love of science among students.

On the other hand, “School Leadership Program” is created to strengthen leadership skills of school principals to achieve Competency Standard for Principals. This skill is considered important to govern school and to increase the quality of schools.

.This program attended by 70 participants, consisting of principals, school treasurers, superintendents, and teachers. The program took place in 5 elementary school in the district of Marau and Air Upas, in Ketapang Regency. The program started in March and ended in December 2016.

Collaboration between PT.Sampoerna Agro and PSF SDO has been running since 2012 through various activities related to development of quality and sustainable education in operational areas of PT. Sampoerna Agro throughout Indonesia. Good education foundation will lead to development of these regions socially and economically.