Partnership between the Governments of Gowa Regency – Putera Sampoerna Foundation

On 27 January 2017, the Government of Gowa Regency has signed an MoU with Putera Sampoerna Foundation in Baruga Karaeng Pattingalloang, Gowa Central Office. This partnership will focus on improving education in Gowa, especially for the teachers’ quality. The program, namely Teacher Learning Centre, will select 37 teachers to be master teachers in Gowa. These chosen teachers have a responsibility to disseminate the pedagogy and content knowledge that they get throughout the training program to other teachers in the area.

It is expected that there will be more high-quality and high-competence teachers in Gowa by having Teacher Learning Centre program. Each teacher will be a trainer for one another, and eventually Gowa will be the core of qualified teachers in South Sulawesi. These teachers will also have an opportunity to professionally develop themselves and innovate a new approach of teaching. Hopefully in 2.5 years, the knowledge and value of Teacher Learning Centre will spread to 7.750 teachers in Gowa.

Aside from the MoU signing, Putera Sampoerna Foundation also gave a donation of 600 books and teaching tools of early childhood education. The donation was given by the representative of Putera Sampoerna Foundation, Gusman Yahya, the Head of School Development Outreach, to Bunda PAUD Gowa, Priska Paramita Adnan.