Kickoff LSP and TLC Muba Muba Regional Government – PSF SDO

To have a better education quality in Musi Banyuasin, the regional government launch a program namely Lighthouse School Program (LSP) and Teacher Learning Center (TLC) together with Putera Sampoerna Foundation-School Development Outreach (PSF-SDO). LSP is a 3-years school development program which will assist 4 schools in Musi Banyuasin to be quality schools that would be role models among others in the area. The chosen schools are SDN 1 Babat Toman, SDN 1 Sungai Lilin, SMPN 1 Babat Toman, and SMPN 1 Sungai Lilin. While TLC is a program to establish a learning center for teachers in Musi Banyuasin area, so they will get the opportunity to share their expertise to each other. 

To highlight the starting point of the program, a program kickoff was held on May 2017 in Musi Banyuasin. Representative from Muba Regional Government and PSF-SDO signed the agreement of these 2 programs which is expected to start in the midst of 2017 for LSP and in 2018 for TLC. Hopefully the programs will be successful and inspire teachers in Musi Banyuasin.