Entrepreneurship Development Program for Youth to achieve independent Indonesia

Indonesia’s economy faces problems, such as: high unemployment rate, lack of employment opportunities, and lack of entrepreneurship. Moreover, Indonesia is also compelled to answer global challenges in the era of ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA). However, paradigm of Indonesia’s young generation is still of “looking for job” mentality, which needs to be shifted into “creating job” mentality that is both creative and innovative. This kind of thinking is quite persistent due to fear of taking risks and unavailability of capital to start a business endeavor. Introduction to entrepreneurship in high school is one way to bridge these things, so that students don’t rely solely on their school certificate when it comes to finding job. It is necessary to shape ‘creating job’ mindset through application of active, creative, effective, and fun learning experience in topics, such as financial management, introduction to entrepreneurship and business management.

Manulife Indonesia, in partnership with Putera Sampoerna Foundation School Development Outreach (PSF SDO) launched “Development Program for young entrepreneurs”. The program is designed to increase the knowledge and skills of teachers in teaching entrepreneurship in comprehensive manner and applicable in daily life. Utilizing knowledge and skill gained during training, teachers, who have received the benefits of the program, can produce students with specific knowledge and skill in entrepreneurship. One of the objectives of the program is for the trainees to be able to prepare simple business plan that can be used as the foundation of business model, especially in creative industry.

Chief Executive Officer and President Director of Manulife Indonesia, Indreen Naido said that entrepreneurship is the key to economic growth. Some characteristics of successful entrepreneurship are: innovative, ambitious and sincere. He further said that “Entrepreneurship education is necessary to increase economic growth, which also accommodates small and medium enterprises.

Improvement in the professionalism of teachers through “Entrepreneurship Development Program” was conducted in 12 vocational high schools and high schools in Banda Aceh. The program run for a duration of 1 year, started on April 2016. Economy and social science teachers from these target schools have received the benefit of the program. These teachers will later pass the learning materials on entrepreneurship to around 120 students

Trainees are given knowledge and mentorship on creating business proposal, business strategy and business management. At the end of the program, there will be “Young Entrepreneurship Day”, an event where students are challenged to simulate business presentation in front of jurors that act as potential investors

This program also involves the employees of Manulife Indonesia to play active role in educating school community and parents about financial literacy, through employee engagement activity. This is important to ensure that environment surrounds these aspiring students entrepreneurs is  an environment that understands the importance of financial management and supports the aspiration of these students. This event, a collaboration between Manulife Indonesia and PSF SDO, is also a show of support to government’s plan to instill the importance of financial literacy that will lead to economic growth and increase on social welfare.

Data from Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) shows that the number of entrepreneurs in Indonesia constitutes only 1.6 percent of population. This number is very low compared to that of other ASEAN countries, such as Singapore (7%), Thailand (3%), and Malaysia (5%)