The 5th Teacher’s Workshop : Problem Based Learning Practice

The workshop is part of the SDP scheme to improve the teachers’ pedagogy skills, especially related to contextual learning. The workshop is designed to give teachers a model of two ways workshop with a lot of hands on experiences. During the workshop, the facilitators encourage two ways discussions to help the participants understanding the topics delivered better.

During the workshop, activities such as energizer, review and reflection at the beginning and the closing have helped to motivate the participants and check their better understanding on the materials delivered. The focus of the workshop materials for the second year of program implementation is Problem Based Learning. PBL is a learning model which presents a contextual problems to stimulate students to develop their critical thinking. In a PBL class, students are working in a group to solve a real world problems.

The following are the benefits of PBL model:

  • A meaningful learning is taking place. Students learn to solve a problem and apply their knowledge or learn the required knowledge. This model is meaningful for students as students directly deal with the situation where the concept is applied.
  • Students integrate their knowledge and skills constantly to be applied in relevant contexts
  • Students develop their critical thinking skills, working initiative, intrinsic learning motivation, and their interpersonal skills while working in a group

The fifth or the last of a series PBL workshop in the second year of implementation will help the participants to bring together all the components they learned during the 1st – 4th workshop ( Introduction to PBL, Problem Identificationand Learning activities, Students Worksheets and Learning Assessment) into a lesson plan completed with the development of teaching aids. The materials on teaching aids and how to do a peer coaching to give constructive feedback are delivered on the 5th workshop.